NexBelt - The Gun Belt With NO Holes! - Black

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This belt is designed for the firearm industry, but can be used for any field that requires attaching tactile or technical tools to your belt. They are nylon m\belts manufacture with high density nylon of an advanced composite of ultra fine polyester with stiffness and durability. They have a water repellent liner to stop sweat from seeping and staining the belts surface. 

  • Cut to size/ Fits alol sizes
  • Add 4" to pants size using the scale on the back of the belt and trim with scissors
  • adjust 1/4" increments  to fit perfect
  • Great for travlers 
  • Quick release buckle speeds up security check points 
  • Weight lose? adjustable sizing accomodates for decreasing waistline


There are directions on the back of the packaging